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The Sins Of Their Fathers Gilda ONeill

The Sins Of Their Fathers

Gilda ONeill

Published September 30th 2013
ISBN : 9781446493700
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 About the Book 

The East End belongs to the ODonnells. Tough, violent and proud, Gabriel ODonnell has fought his way up from poor Irish roots to run the gambling, prostitution and protection empire that makes him rich, and that one day his boys, Brendan and Luke, will take over.Its not easy to love a man when violent crime is his career, as Eileen ODonnell knows, so shes invested everything in her children: icy cool Brendan- Luke, who hates the horror of gang warfare- irrepressible Catherine with her verve for life- and Patricia, married to a man whose brainless viciousness is close to madness.Then Kessler turns up. An enemy from the old days, hes got plans to move in on Gabe ODonnells turf. But Gabe swears he will see him burn in hell before that happens, no matter how much blood gets spilt. Its that obsession which leads to a tragedy that changes all their lives...A spellbinding novel of the sixties underworld, full of menace and darkness, The Sins of Their Fathers will grip you to the end as two families are locked in a ruthless struggle of money, love and pride, determined to win no matter what the cost.