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Office Wife Lucy Apple

Office Wife

Lucy Apple

Published April 28th 2013
Kindle Edition
80 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Beginning a new series from beloved erotic storyteller, Lucy Apple.Unbridled lust in the workplace!Thirty-nine-year-old housewife Amy finds herself thrust into a new world when her husband loses his job and she must enter the workforce. And navigating the changes in the culture prove quite the challenge for her. Not to mention the changes in herself. For Amy’s unsatisfying home life has left her with deep, insatiable longings.Longings that she cannot share with her domineering partner. Desires that she fears will remain forever forbidden, untasted.The men - and women - of Amy’s new job have a different view of fantasy, sex, and multiple-partners entirely: Marc, with his passion for MILF’s, Casey, with her freewheeling punk sexuality, and even Skyler, the intimidatingly tall, blonde office manager with a titillating mean streak.In this contemporary office, Amy will find that the entire range of erotic expression lies ready for her to open up to it.If she can find the courage to accept herself first.About the Author:Lucy Apple is the secret identity of a new, multifaceted fiction writer specializing in both literary, character-driven erotica, such as Office Wife and The Ship, and also trashy, pulp sex books including the Breeding Island series.