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Three Lines Towards Daniel Kramb

Three Lines Towards

Daniel Kramb

Published September 9th 2010
104 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

2009 – it was the year ‘the crisis’ hung over London like a dark and heavy cloud- it was also the year a beautiful black cat started visiting a flat in Dalston, east London. Somehow, the grip was loosening. But the dreams didn’t allow letting go...This book takes you through a strange year, three lines at the time.It’s the result of a personal project: Writing a haiku-style* poem every day of 2009 was a way for Daniel Kramb to make sense- it was also a way to have fun. Three Lines Towards is a way to share the result.Set amid the infatuating sounds and smells of east London, it’s a bumpy ride between hope and despair that’s both intimately personal and accessibly universal. With photographs by Christina Theisen.