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Shiko (The Waldstein Hexos Book 1) Paul Loebig

Shiko (The Waldstein Hexos Book 1)

Paul Loebig

Kindle Edition
668 pages
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 About the Book 

Terrorists, shady governments, a hostile world, indwelling aliens ...Shiko is a 255,000 word epic science-fiction saga, part thriller, part romance and part gothic horror.Distant Hornblende is a frontier world, isolated as the first inter-species war wages far away. As various groups vie for power, an abandoned alien ship is found deep in the Tundra..Deet Waldstein, invalided out of active service, arrives back home to foil a plot to kidnap a powerful figure, and inadvertently unearths something far worse. Hurt a second time, he ends up at a medical rehab centre but, with the isolation parts are restricted, so the hurt stay hurt.When an alien threat is confirmed, Waldstein is asked to counter it under the guise of anti-terrorism, but is playing scapegoat for the power-wielders. He assembles a team of fellow rehabs to help him, though it probably means certain death for most of them.Though a stand-alone story, Elishas Door continues from where it ends.*