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The Ascension : An In-Between novel T L Shockley

The Ascension : An In-Between novel

T L Shockley

Published January 28th 2013
Kindle Edition
262 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Seventeen-year-old Randy is a witch, a natural born witch. Only, she doesn’t know it, until she and her mother are killed in a car crash. But when Randy comes back from the dead, she has recollections of an experience in the “in-between” where she is told about the witchcraft that runs in her family.Desperate to find out more she visits her mother’s sister, who may be the only key to unlocking this hidden door into another world. This is just the start of Randy’s journey into some of the amazing powers she possesses and those around her, including her friend Daniel to whom she is hopelessly attracted. However she is also confused about her feelings for the mysterious Ethan who has traveled back with her from the in-between seeking her help.While the love trio alone is plenty to deal with, Randy’s powers also make her susceptible to evil forces, some of which are a lot closer to her than she realizes. As Randy, her aunt, Daniel and friends battle these forces, lives, love and friendships are ultimately tested. And sadly, it may not be until she loses everything that Randy finally works out with whom her heart truly lies.